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Mold testing services - pre-testing, post-testing, risk assessments

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The presence of mold is not always obvious. If you are having symptoms of mold allergies and want to know if there is mold in your home, or you know there is mold in the home and would like to have an idea of what type, air testing would be the way to go.

Air testing is simple and quick. Our inspector will take a minimum of two samples: one exterior for the control sample and then at least one interior sample in the area you believe there may be a problem. Each sample takes approximately 15 minutes to collect. The samples get sent to the lab and we get results in 2-3 days. The ideal result will show that the exterior mold levels are greater than the interior. When the interior results are higher than the exterior we know there is a problem

Tape sampling is another type of testing that we do. Tape samples are used when you have visual mold and would like to know what variety you are dealing with. The inspector will take a sample of the mold, send it to the lab and we will receive the results in 2-3 days.

Something to keep in mind regarding mold samples is that no matter what variety of mold is found, all types of mold are dangerous to your health, and they all need some form of remediation.


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