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Mold removal Chagrin Falls

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So now you know that you have mold, and it’s time to get that taken care of. Don’t worry, we have a process for that.

We begin by prepping your home for the remediation. Tarps to protect your home, walking boards for the attics, plastic footies for our feet. Protecting your home is a priority for us and we will take the necessary steps to do so.

The health of your family is important, as is the health of our technicians. For this reason we will ask you to remain out of the areas remediated for 48 hours. Can you be in the home? Yes, just not where we are working. The chemicals that are going to be used are strong and can be harmful if inhaled. If you happen to see our technicians you will notice that they are covered from head to toe while working with them. They will be wearing full body Tyvek suits, face masks with respirators and gloves whenever chemicals are in use, and anytime they are in the area remediated afterward.

Quality control checks are our way of making sure that our technicians are doing their very best for you. All our remediations will be checked by a mold inspector to assure that the mold is completely remediated. If anything is found our technicians will respray the area. Don’t forget, all our remediations include our 10-year warranty. This is just another way of insuring that your project gets done properly. If it doesn’t, we fix it, at no charge, for up to 10 years.

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